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Physiotherapy is the practice of assessing a particular injury or problem and developing a treatment plan to effectively deal with any joint or soft tissue limitation or limitations in range of motion or funtion.  The types of treatment include manual therapy, exercise prescription often which includes an extensive home exercise program, as well as the use of various modalities.  Modalities range from electrical stimulation, ultrasound (high frequency sound waves), cervical and lumbar tractions, as well as the use of therapeutic heat and cold.

Sports Injuries

Our treatment team has experience in treating many professional football, hockey and baseball players, as well as highly competitive high-school and University elite athletes.  Having an extensive knowledge of many Pre and Post surgical treatment protocols, as well as having an understanding of the importance of an early return to sport allows us to have excellent outcomes when treating athletes.

Pre/Post Surgical Rehabilitation

Pre-surgical rehabilitation is beneficial in increasing both strength and endurance of the involved area so that the post-operative therapy is shorter.  All types of pre and post surgical clients have been successfully treated, these include but are not limited to total hips, knees and shoulders, ACL/PCL reconstructions, spinal fusions/discectomies, arthroscopic procedures and other general surgeries.

Custom Orthotics and Bracing

We are able to serve all bracing needs, including not only off the shelf supplies, but custom measured knee braces and foot orthotics.  Our pricing is very competitive and is usually covered by extended health plans, motor vehicle accident coverages or WSIB if appropriate.

Manual Therapy is the practice of using a hands on approach to deal with specific joint and soft tissue limitations that often occur with acute and chronic problems.  Joint mobilization and manipulation are effectively used to increase joint mobility and various techniques of massage are also utilized to decrease muscular tightness and increase mobility.

Manual Therapy

Ergonomic Consulting

Our staff is educated in the ergonomic assessment and application of the suggestions in the workplace.  On site visits provide for proper assessment of the required physical demands, job requirements and environmental concerns for each setting.

Educational Talks and Seminars

Educating employees is very important in reducing lost time from work.  We offer seminars in all areas including back care, repetitive strain, ergonomics or any other topic that you would like.


Acupuncture is a very effective,  safe treatment modality involving the insertion of very fine needles into various points throughout the body.  The approach on treating the affected muscles, bone/joints, tendons and soft tissues of the body.  We also incorporate Traditional Chinese Medical (TCM) acupuncture techniques when using acupuncture.


Great Lakes Physiotherapy can treat Vertigo (Dizziness), and various causes of balance disturbances. Benign Paroxsysmal Positional Vertigo (BPPV) is a common disorder of the vestibular system characterized by severe dizziness, nausea and vomiting with severe cases. An accurate assessment of the specific signs and symptoms can lead to quick resolution of the symptoms in as little as a few days.

Great Lakes Physiotherapy and Sports Medicine offers a full range of services by highly-trained, experienced, therapists.

Which treatment is right for you?  Find out by selecting a treatment area, as outlined below.